Transit Insurance

Dear Customer,

This document confirms we have Transit Insurance in place for our business, and also provides a short summary on the extent to which it will provide cover whilst your goods are being transported by Moving Containers.

The Insured:

You Pack Logistics Pty Ltd trading as Moving Containers ABN 69 619 272 632

The Insurer:

Vero Insurance

Period of Insurance:

From 31st March 2018 to 31st March 2019

Geographical Limit:

Anywhere in Australia.

Sum Insured:

$250,000 per shipment

Below is a list of key Insurance Perils which our policy covers your goods during the transit, for which we are liable.

Impact Damage

Physical Impact damage to your goods following visible signs of external impact to the container during transit.

Fire or Water Damage

Physical Damage to your goods caused by external fire or water ingress

Overturning of the Vehicle

Physical Damage to your goods following overturning of the transport vehicle.

Theft/Non Delivery

Theft of your goods during the transit & whilst your goods are in our care, custody & or control. Excluding whilst you are packing the container.

Damage Whilst Loading & Unloading

Physical Damage to your goods during the Loading &/or Unloading of the container by Moving Containers with visible signs of impact damage to the external walls of the container.

Our Transit Insurance policy WILL NOT COVER your goods if damage is caused by:

Accidental Damage

Any form of Accidental Damage to your goods during the transit.

Insufficient/Incorrect Packing

Physical Damage to your goods caused by Insufficient/Incorrect Packing, by you, within the container.

Delivery Delay

Costs & Expenses incurred by you for delays in delivery of your goods caused by circumstances outside the control of Moving Containers.

Goods Whilst in Storage

We will not cover your goods whilst they are in storage, which is not incidental with the transit to or from your pick up/delivery destination.

It is important you source your own insurance whilst the goods are in storage.

Important Note:

The above information is a general summary only & does not replace or override the cover provided by our insurer within their policy wording. This document is for General Information purposes only.

Insurance is complex, therefore to avoid any issues, Moving Containers always recommends customers arrange their own Contents Transit Insurance policy to ensure your goods are covered for circumstances which are not covered by the Moving Containers Transit Insurance policy.

Warm Regards

The Moving Containers Team